Sweetest Couple Award

Christmas came early for MPP.

Remember our post for Cass and Sheila’s Engagement Pictorial? It was their wedding day last December 6. If I can give an award to all my couples, Cass and Sheila will probably get the MOST LOVED AND SWEETEST COUPLE AWARD. Who wouldn’t love them? All their wedding suppliers are super spoiled. From their prenup in Baler until their special day in Grand Palazzo Royale, we got the most special treatment.

Remember also my post about Thank you? OMG. They seriously surpassed everything. When they gave their thank you speech, they said thank you first to all of us before saying thank you to their families and friends. That was more than enough already, but after the program they distributed personalized cakes made by Rachelle Pabalan Pare. I literally kept repeating, “OMG OMG OMG there’s a camera!” I wonder how I can preserve the cake because I don’t want to eat it. It’s so cute! I want to share with you all the photos that I was able to grab from Facebook. I don’t have official photos because it was a surprise for all of us. Effort!!

michelle pineda photography

Here is mine!

Mariah Santos

For Mariah Santos, their HMUA

Rich Fontanilla

For Rich Fontanilla, their Couturier

Grand Palazzo Royale

For Valerie of Grand Palazzo Royale

Events and Concepts

For Voltaire Zalamea, their Coordinator

Chug Cadiogan

For Chug Cadiogan, their Videographer

Wait there is more! They even made a special AVP for all their wedding suppliers. Imagine the effort they did just to say thank you to all of us while they are busy preparing for their wedding day? Im speechless. I got emotional while watching it because I feel so blessed to have them as my couple. “Sulit na sulit ang lahat ng pagod!” 

 To Cass and Sheila, “super napasaya niyo kaming lahat!” Thank you sooooooo much! Congratulations and God bless you more! -MPP
WRITTEN BY: Michelle Pineda

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  1. Presy dimaunahan December 9, 2014 | Reply
    ! Mitch , it's not that m the mother of the bride but i really want to thank you and the wedding dream team u really and the Couple deserve a Flying high salute for all the effort's really a best wedding ever

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