A Simple Thank You!

“The wedding has ended. It was twelve hours of physically and mentally draining day. When I reached home, I still needed to back up all the files from the wedding which will require another an hour or so before I can finally rest. Suddenly, my mobile phone alerts me for a new message from the couple saying how beautiful my wedding onsite photos were and would like to thank my team for making their dream wedding come true. A simple smile on my face quickly recharged me knowing at the end of the day, I made my couple really happy.”

I am sure that a lot of wedding suppliers, photographers or videographers can relate to this story. Given the fact that we are paid to do the job, truly all our exhaustions are wiped away by these two simple words. It is the most rewarding thing to receive after giving them a portion of our lives by giving them our time, which in effect lessens our time to be with our families.

There are different types of couples.

Couples who include you in their thank you speech at the reception. This is the most amazing feeling. It is not easy to have a presence of mind in the middle of the celebration. I’m sure that during wedding day everything appears to be a blur because of the mixed overwhelming emotions. So, if they remember to say thank you to you for helping them succeed in making their dream wedding that is really something. They are truly worth giving your extra love, effort and care. This type of couple, I never forget.

Couples who text after the wedding before they sleep. It shows that they remembered you when they are finally in the bed cuddling and trying to recall all the happenings a while ago. They remembered how you and the team took care of them the whole day. This is enough for you to have a goodnight sleep.

Couples who send you a thank you note with a simple gift a few days after the wedding. This is truly an effort. It’s always a nice feeling to receive gifts no matter how grand or simple it is. It’s the thought that counts.

Couples who don’t remember you at all. In short – dedma – after the wedding. Haha! It’s sad but there are couples who really forget. Well, I’m not taking it against them. There could be a reason behind it or they just simply forgot. But, yeah, this type of couple, I also never forget. Haha!

It is amazing how one simple thank you can put a mark in a person’s heart and affect her day. Sometimes it makes us even more enthusiastic with our work when we know that we are valued. Always remember that a person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.

In the coming days, I’m sure all wedding suppliers are going gaga with all the schedules. It’s peak month once again. It’s that time of the year where we feel both happy and emotional, sometimes even scared. So, help us all get by until the end by simply saying thank you!

Congratulations to all soon-to-wed couples and Goodluck to all of us!

Thank you!

Ott and Elaine in Botanic Gardens Singapore

WRITTEN BY: Michelle Pineda

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