Philip and Tere’s Calendar Wedding Ring

Wedding ring is one of the most important detail in every wedding. It symbolizes a lot of things and it’s one of those details that will be with you until forever because you need to wear it every single day. Haha!
I have seen hundreds of wedding ring designs but Philip and Tere’s is one for the books. It’s very unique and well thought of. Since it’s my first time to see one, I would like to share it with you for inspiration.
All the months and dates in a year are engraved outside the ring that’s why I’m calling it a “Calendar Wedding Ring” and to personalize it, the stones are placed as markers for the wedding day. Isn’t it cool? I wish I thought of that 5 years ago. I am close to borrowing it already since we have the same wedding date, December 28! Haha!
Here are some of the ring shots we took from Philip and Tere’s wedding.
wedding ring
wedding ring
Wedding Ring
Wedding Ring

The ring was custom made in Dubai according to Tere.

WRITTEN BY: Michelle Pineda

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